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Walking along the beach

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2016-07-10 July in shenzhen is the most hot days . There is an company activity is that WALKING ALONG THE BEACH . WOW . 38℃ & 15KM .Most us finished . Amazing !

In the beginning everyone thought that we must can make it . So easy , just 15km . But when we walking to 3KM . Some one is tired and wanna give up . But our respect boss always stay in the last to encourage us . And also to keep everyone is caught .


During this period . We encourge each other , share with each other and help each other . Finally , WE DID IT .


What we got from this activity is than : Never say anything is easy when you dont do it and never say "I cant easily " . Because you never know what you can do if you do try you best to do it .

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